Our Mission


Our mission is to provide excellent service while creating sustainable employment opportunities for IT professionals in economically distressed rural communities.

The strength of our business is rooted in the great talent, unparalleled work ethics, dedication and commitment of our rural workforce.  By harnessing the talent in rural communities, both our clients and America win.

More than 60 million Americans (one in five) live in rural communities today.

For years, the poverty rate in non-metro areas of the United States has been higher than in urban areas. In Virginia, from 2013 to 2017, the average poverty rate in non-metro areas was 16.8%, compared to an average of 10.4% in metro areas. Lack of access to good paying jobs is a major factor.

Even though our rural communities need jobs, and more than half a million new IT jobs will be created by 2026, many companies choose to hire remote workers thousands of miles from the United States.

We’re doing something to change that.

When we say we are building IT with the best, we mean it. The rural labor force that supports the growth of our business services is second to none.  
We are proud to be RURAL STRONG!